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As I spent my day's and many night's on blog forums one thing stood out, just how many people wanted to be faved.
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Technorati Profile

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cymru 66 Blog Review From Make Me Popular

I have been slacking on my reviews, I thought this blog would be more helpfull thanI guess it was..few blogs took advantage of Technorati Faves and a blog review. I like the idea of this blog and will keep it around, I have a blog I do want to review though.. blog is just a clasic reason why blogger needs to catch up with wordpress. The look and features are so clean and the blog just flows, great job on the design, and a good blog to read and learn from. I liked it alot and definetly would recomend it to any body looking to create a blog that doesn't over power you with graphics or banners. 4 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Make Me Popular Reciew Of Moms Out There

This is another site I came across first thing that popped in my head was just to many ads. Making money is fine but overkill will cost you money. People spot theese things, and I would go as far as say if you make any sales from that sight I would be suprised. Take em down build a following with the other mommie out there and then add the top converters. Affiliate sales are tricky.. more text less pictures of ads or both. Other than that not much more to say, the opink desn't do the pictures any justice..tahke some time look aroubd at some other sites and get some design ideas ro imply.But I could be wrong would'nt be the first time momsoutthere

Make Me Popular Review Tailors Entertainment News

I have been looking at gossip site alot lately it's kinda what I do,one site I came across stood out and I decided to give it it's props. Clean, flows nice and some cool content, thats all I need. WEll done taylorsentertainmentnews

Monday, August 20, 2007

cre8asitr reivew of toms ideaway

This is a cute review of a fellow and his mom's, the layout it smooth easy to read well written and a good blog to get a smile from it.I enjoyed it and you better be nice to your mom..goob job jill, toms-hideaway.html

Make Me Popular Review Of Z Blog

I just finished reading a blog that I can say kept it real about the good and the bad between Bloglog and Blog catalog. her Review of the two was pretty honest and I liked that. Her blog has a great design the header works well with the layout, not a lot of clutter or ads. Clean and to the point overall a good read. Stop by Give her a Digg And Technorati Fave She'll return the favor and you just might find a new blog to put on your blogroll.

A Review About A Sensitive Guy

As i reviewed this site I couldn't help bur notice how sensitive this man is. And it shows in his post's, he writes about animals and there untimely death's, about cats there's even some poetry for you in there.Well written and very little flash if any.
Not a fancy blog just a blog to read and enjoy. Well done.