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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Make Me Popular Review Of A Blog About Nothing

I just finished reading the blog about nothing well at least 7 post's and I have to say it's well done. He make's some good point's and one or two I don't agree with.
The main one is only putting 5 or 6 blogs on your blogroll. I tend to believe you can get away with more than that. He also made a comment about why you any real blogger would have a link to Problogger, and John Chow..Great blog's indeed. But
If your blog isn't about SEO or making money online why bother? I know Im probably taking that comment out of context but it was just somthing that stuck with me.
I don't like black and white skins but A blog about nothing uses a grey and white scheme and i like it alot.The pages flow nicly and the idea about taking down the adsence is a good one. Good move to swith over to the wordpress theme, and over all I have to say well done.

1 comment: said...

Thanks for the review! Two points - I say 5 or 6 links on a blogroll because I believe that more than that and their value begins to suffer for the site you are linking to. And really that's what a blogroll is about, exposure for someone else, not for the originating sites benefit.

Second point the remark about linking to Chow and/or Problogger was tongue in cheek. When they have an article up that is worthwhile (in other words compliments your blog) I'm all for it, but often I see people who link the "a-listers" just because.